Jay Adams

Full Name

Jay Bryan Adams



Sexual Orientation







Becky Love
Frankie Alan

Portrayed by

Emun Elliott

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance

Episode 2.2

"Is that tequila? Is that tequila? (uncorks bottle) Ugh, smells like Domestos."
Jay Adams[src]

Jay Adams has been friends with Cat MacKenzie since their days at university and they now work together at a city centre architect's firm.

A key part of the group, Jay is particularly close to Frankie Alan. A self-confessed womaniser, Jay has been faithful to his current girlfriend, Becky Love, for quite some time – by his standards, at least.

But, unfortunately for Becky, her love doesn't diminish his never-ending desire for affirmation through sex.

As an architect he's very artistic, loathes sport and football and prefers the company of women to men. The lesbians he is close to know that, at heart, he isn't at all misogynistic – which is why they are happy to hang out with him.



Jay struggles to let go of his youth and embrace what comes along with being a responsible adult. He has a reputation for being a bit of a player, and is struggling to shrug off his old ways.

Part of him wants to lead a sensible, grown-up life, but his adolescent impulses do everything they can to lure him back to his old, unfaithful, spontaneous and care-free ways.


Cat MacKenzieEdit

Jay went to university with Cat, so they go way back. In a strange way their relationship works because they are so different, meaning that they can rely upon each other for advice in times of need.

Frankie AlanEdit

Jay has always had a soft spot for Frankie. They are, in many ways, very alike in the sense that they are free spirits and enjoy the spontaneity and danger of living life on the edge.

Jay is Frankie's wingman, however, along with this lust for life, there's a strange sense of playful competition between the two of them.

Becky LoveEdit


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