Frankie Alan
Frankie Alan

Full Name

Francesca Alan





Sexual Orientation





Cameron Alan, father
Alma Carter, mother
Karen Alan, half-sister
Darren Morris, half-brother
Carol Alan, step-mother


Cat MacKenzie
Lexy Price
Sadie Anderson
Jay Adams

Portrayed by

Ruta Gedmintas

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance

Episode 2.3

" We hooked up and I was a bit of a cock and left without saying goodbye but if it's any consolation I'm often a cock so it really isn't personal."
Frankie Alan to Lexy Price[src]

Francesca "Frankie" Alan is a spirited photographer who's emotionally off-the-rails, attracting trouble at every turn. She comes across as fearless and irreverent but strip away the bravado and she's the most vulnerable of the group. Androgynous and bisexual, Frankie generally only uses men for occasional sex but falls in love with women, namely Cat MacKenzie. Intimacy is a problem for Frankie. She bailed on her relationship with Cat before giving it a chance, escaping to New York.

For Frankie, casual sex offers an opportunity to run away from herself when the rest of her life is in freefall.


Frankie strip

Frankie works as a photographer.

On first look, Frankie appears to be a troublemaker – a party girl who relishes causing havoc and disrupting the flow. She lives moment to moment, seemingly without thought to consequence. Outwardly, she's strong and confident and sexually alert but, underneath all the bravado, she's an incredibly vulnerable little girl – too proud and too scared to change her ways.

What makes her so unique is her unpredictability. She feels emotions on an incredibly deep level. Everything hits her hard, but she fights to not let it. This causes her to act quite erratically.


Earlier LifeEdit

"Cat MacKenzie:Every breaktime you were up there, writing lyrics.
Frankie Alan: Only cos I knew that your registration room was down there. I used to get this great view down your shirt.
Cat MacKenzie: We used to wear skirts too, remember - worked both ways.
Frankie Alan and Cat MacKenzie[src]
Frankie screenshot 1

Frankie upon learning the truth about her family.

Frankie is the bastard daughter of Alma Carter and Cameron Alan. Alma and Cameron were together while he was away from home and after they committed manslaughter, Alma told Cameron that she was pregnant with Frankie. When Frankie was born, she was originally named Eleanor. But after three years, Alma told Cameron she was leaving but Cameron couldn't let her have his daughter and raised Frankie himself with his wife Carol Alan. When Frankie's aunt, uncle and cousin died, Cameron gave 'Eleanor' her cousin's name: Francesca, and let her believe that her aunt and uncle were her parents.
Wood carving

Cat's carving of her and Frankie's initials from when they were schoolgirls.

Frankie and Cat MacKenzie attended the same school in Glasgow. They also went to the same university.

Frankie upped and left for New York after she got Cat to leave her girlfriend. To her friends, she cites the reason was that she wasn't ready, but later to Cat she admits that it was because she was scared and didn't think she deserved her. After Cat and Sam return from their holiday to Rio, Frankie and Tess are in desperate search of a flatmate to help pay their rent. Frankie's attention is turned onto Cat, she loves her and wants to be with her, but there is only one problem, Sam. On Cat's birthday, she visits Frankie and Frankie gives her bracelet with their initials on. That sameday Cat dies when struck by a car, Frankie is left devestated by the loss of her love. Frankie does not get over her loss, three days on she is still reeling and as Sam gets her life back onto track, Frankie decides to make the decision to return to New York. She is stopped at the taxi by Tess, Frankie admits she loved her and that it ended "horribly" Frankie bids her farewell and departs for the States. 


Cat MacKenzieEdit


Frankie and Cat have a long history.

Jay AdamsEdit

"Frankie Alan:It was nothing.
Tess Roberts: It was Jay! He's a man. He's got like... bits.
Frankie Alan and Tess Roberts about Jay Adams[src]



Sadie AndersonEdit

"I really liked you, Frankie."
Sadie Anderson[src]

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