Episode 1.5
Series 1, Episode 5
Ep 1.5
First Broadcast 9 November 2010
Starring Laura Fraser
Ruta Gedmintas
Fiona Button
James Anthony Pearson
Heather Peace
Emun Elliot
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Episode 1.5 is the fifth episode of Series 1 of Lip Service. It drew in 508,000[1] viewers and featured Cat MacKenzie and Frankie Alan going back to their old school, Frankie's subsequent firing and Tess Robert's surprise 30th birthday party. [2].


Tess's 30th birthday is approaching and she's desperate to ignore it, but her friends have other ideas. As Ed MacKenzie organises her surprise party his desire to tell her his true feelings reaches fever pitch, but could their friendship survive if Tess knew the truth? A work assignment brings Frankie and Cat closer together as they take a walk down memory lane, but as their feelings grow deeper a shocking revelation drives Cat back into Sam Murray's arms.


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