Episode 1.3
Series 1, Episode 3
Ep 1.3
First Broadcast 26 October 2010
Starring Laura Fraser
Ruta Gedmintas
Fiona Button
James Anthony Pearson
Heather Peace
Emun Elliot
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Episode 1.3 is the third episode of Series 1 of Lip Service. It drew in 464,000[1] viewers and featured Cat MacKenzie's decline from favour at work, the end of Tess Roberts and Lou Foster's affair and Frankie Alan's shock discovery about her identity.[2].


Cat and Sam are enjoying a honeymoon period, but cracks begin to show as Frankie's presence becomes an issue. Jay sets out to prove that he's not too old for the office intern, but has to think on his feet when a flirtatious encounter leaves her unconscious. Tess gets more than she bargained for when she turns up at Lou's flat unannounced and there's a shocking revelation that throws Frankie's very identity into question.


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