Ed MacKenzie
Ed mackenzie

Full Name

Edward MacKenzie



Sexual Orientation





Gerry MacKenzie, father
Judy MacKenzie, mother
Cat MacKenzie, sister

Portrayed by

James Anthony Pearson

First Appearance

Episode 1.1

Last Appearance

Episode 2.6

"These tights are designed for women. After today, I might never have children."
Ed MacKenzie[src]

A gentle bloke and true friend, Ed is very close to his sister, Cat MacKenzie . A would-be novelist, Ed pays the rent with temping work, often working alongside Tess Roberts in times of need. Ed's love life is a disaster and he puts his lack of success with women down to not being macho enough. Ed has a secret and long-standing crush on Tess but she is completely oblivious to his adoration, seeing him merely as a good friend and confidante.


"Ed MacKenzie:I'm not dirty. I haven't even pleasured myself today.
Cat MacKenzie: Way, way too much information.
Ed MacKenzie and Cat MacKenzie[src]

There's not much to dislike about Ed. He's loyal, a great friend who'd go out of his way to make people happy. He's a writer, because it gives him an outlet for his emotions – a safe place where he can examine his feelings before committing to them in public.


"I'm so desperate I think going to the dentist is a good pulling opportunity."
Ed MacKenzie[src]

Ed finds it easier to relax among gay women because there is no hidden agenda. Deep down, he thinks he is inadequate boyfriend material. He thinks straight woman want big, strong, macho guys who play rugby and eat raw steak for breakfast – everything that Ed is not.

By hanging out with lesbians it's easy. There's no pressure to perform, to impress and be something he isn't. He can be the Ed that everybody loves.

Cat MacKenzieEdit


Cat and Ed getting dinner ready for Tess's girlfriend Lou Foster

"Cat was my go to person. "
Ed MacKenzie[src]

Ed and Cat love each other and can be frighteningly similar in some ways but totally opposite in others.

Cat is a bit of a control freak, bordering on the neurotic. Ed is a lot more laid back, probably as a reaction against this. But when either of them is down they know they can turn to each other for support and advice. Ed is totally loyal to his sister. Sometimes he doesn't realise it and it's not until he sees her being hurt by Frankie that he has the instinct to protect her.

Tess RobertsEdit


Tess and Ed giggle about his family.

Tess is all the things that Ed wishes he could be and so much more. She fills the holes in his personality.

Tess makes Ed laugh more than anybody else, even when he is feeling at his lowest points. They share the same quirky, silly, childish sense of humour. They are a great double act. Her presence alone fills Ed with confidence.

A world without Tess would be the most boring place that Ed can imagine. Ed can't help loving Tess and his sensible, logical, rational side tells him that he shouldn't act upon his emotions. Deep down, he knows his love for Tess is pointless. But, of course, you can't control who you fall in love with. Ed lives on the belief that anything is possible.

He loves hanging out and being with her and being a part of every decision she makes. But it is excruciatingly painful to watch her fall in love with other women.


"I know you think she's annoying, but I think she's all right, and I think she's up for it. So... bye."
Ed MacKenzie to Tess Roberts about Nora[src]

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